16 januari 2019 @ 10:00 – 16:00
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Elsa Rotterdam and Elsa Amsterdam are organising a MOOT COURT COMPETITION on the 16th of January in Rotterdam. The theme of this Moot Court will be ‘right to education’. The three cases will be along the lines of this theme. We chose this theme because we still think there are, even in the Netherlands, issues regarding the education rights of children/ students.

We will be organising a whole day event (10.00 a.m. up untill 15:00 p.m.), where the participants stand in front of real judges/lecturers/professors to present their case. To not let you wait any longer, this is the list of the judges that will hear your case: Willem van Schendel (vice- president of the Hoge Raad), Edgar du Perron (Judge at the Hoge Raad), Marijn van der Sluis (Assistant Professor), Abdulla Abdalla Abdurrahman (Lecturer) , Joost Verbaan (Deputy Judge and lecturer) and Lana Said (Lecturer).

These judges will help you achieve a great experience in the working field as a lawyer/prosecutor. The judges are experienced, well known, and will help you get over the jitters of a newbie. Also all the participants receive a certificate at the end of the day!

The day will end with a borrel, which is a great networking moment for the future! In between the second and last case lunch will also be provided by Elsa Rotterdam and Elsa Amsterdam.

So if you don’t want to miss this opportunity: the 16th of January, in Rotterdam, on the campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

DId I spark up your interest, and you do not want to miss this amazing opportunity? Apply by sending a short motivational letter + CV to secgen@elsa-amsterdam.nl! Participating in duo is possible. Do not forget to bring your academic posture and academic behavior with you!

SPOTS ARE LIMITED! So the sooner you apply, the better!

For the people that are interested in only watching the programme; you are welcome to join! You can apply by sending your name and student number to secgen@elsa-amsterdam.nl !

Hope to see you all there!